Have you Heard of 99designs?

Starting with a simple idea, 99designs can help you design a logo or other promotional graphics for your business. You’ll work with designers from all over the world to get the perfect design that matches your personal branding and company’s objectives.


What is 99designs?

The site is free to use, and it accepts resumes in English, Spanish, German, or French. Advertising space on the site is also available to businesses who want to promote their products or services. So, if you want to get more exposure, this could be a cheap solution.

The site is a community that has been created by designers who are looking to make a living by designing logos and other promotional graphics. The community works together to create incredible designs that may help you stand out in your local market (such as business cards, logos, websites, and posters). 99designs selects designers based on past experience, portfolio quality, and customer feedback. The designers compete by submitting designs in response to contests created on the site for specific projects that you’re looking for assistance on.

What you can benefit from 99designs?

You’ll be able to choose from thousands of designs submitted in response to the contest. In addition, you can tell the community what you’re looking for by using their online brainstorming tool. The tool allows you to upload some designs that you like, along with ideas and feedback on what’s important to your organization through a simple online form. Any information that is included in the form is not visible to other members. However, it will help the designers and customer service team understand your aspirations.

How to become part of 99designs?

To begin, fill out an online application form and upload some photos of yourself or your business. Once registered, you can select any open contests that are suited to your area of interest (for example logos for new businesses). Each contest will have a set number of design entries invited to the community. After the designers are selected, they will respond to your request, and then you’ll see a preview of their design if you like it or vote with your mouse to choose among the other designs presented.


Once a final decision is made and approved, you’ll be able to upload the final files of your logo or business cards. This depends on what you want. Also, it should be available for download within 24 hours.

The advantages of 99designs

99designs enables its members to work with over 200,000 professional designers from all over the world. These professionals specialize in designing logos for all types of businesses. The site supports the creativity of its community by using a unique online voting and reviewing system. In so doing, it provides high-quality designs since it’s easy to find a designer who has created similar work to your project needs.
Once you’ve found a design that matches your needs, you can order it officially through the site. You’ll then be able to download any files that have been approved by you in order to begin marketing.

The site offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the final design. They also include copyright transfer and assignment. This means that you can use the design for any purpose, including business cards and logos. Membership is free and there are no credit card requirements to join. 99designs is recognized as one of the world’s leading online sites for finding quality graphic design. The website has been featured in many magazines and newspapers, including Forbes, Fast Company, and Inc. Magazine.


What’s the mission of 99designs?

99designs’ mission is to connect professionals all over the world who are looking for new jobs in graphic design. The site’s professional community thrives and grows as designers compete for jobs on each other’s projects. Thus, they upload what they’ve done in order to stand out from other members. Anyone can participate in contests or submit designs by using the website’s online application form. For example, they can upload some photos of themselves or their business.

Once you’re a member of the site, you can find design ideas and feedback from other members, and they can help you create a design that will make a real difference. The website also allows customers to choose their designer through a simple competitive process that generates creative designs for its members.

The disadvantages of 99designs

99Designs is a website that lets you create a custom design for anyone. The beautiful part of this is that it can be more affordable than other website companies, such as Fiverr and LogoLounge. You don’t have to pay the designers who will create your designs. However, there are some disadvantages that outweigh the benefits:

1) You have to wait for your designs to be approved before they are sent to the client. Also, they limit how many customizations per design.

2) The quality of the designs isn’t always up to the required standard.

3) From experience, I have had to wait a few days for my designs to be approved before they send to the client. The worst part is that it can take over a week for your design to be sent to the client. It depends on how busy they are. This isn’t really that bad, but it just gives you more time for another company to make your design.

4) Some designers are hesitant about giving you unlimited customizations, because of what I stated above. This can sometimes cause problems.

5) The quality is not always up to par with other website companies, like Fiverr and LogoLounge. I was expecting better quality from this website because of the price tag, but this doesn’t always happen.
There are some good things about this website, though. The designs on this website are usually much more understated, and they don’t use many colors. They also give you a chance to put your own logo on the design. It is always nice if you have your own custom logo through a different company.

Overall, I would recommend this website to people with more time than money. It is a cheaper service, but again you get what you pay for with this company. I think that people who have to wait longer than 2 weeks for their design should consider another company. The waiting process and the lack of customer service and quality by 99Designs are major disadvantages.

What’s different about 99designs in comparison with other platforms?

Launched in 2001, the online community has grown by engaging thousands of graphic designers worldwide looking for new opportunities to sell their services.


The company’s unique online review system helps members discover what competitors have done before. So, you’ll get feedback on your choices from each designer. This review process also ensures that you get a high-quality design for your marketing strategy.
The website also provides 24/7 customer and designer support by using online forms. It allows you to order any designs that have been finalized and approved by you.

99designs is an affordable site for small businesses. It provides a wide range of high-quality design solutions for strategic marketing solutions such as business cards, logos, and websites.
The website is user-friendly, but you’ll need some basic knowledge of graphic design before starting. This will help you to choose the kind of design that you’re looking for as a customer. In addition, you’ll understand what to expect from a designer’s response.

The site allows you to build a strong roster of dozens of top-notch designers eager to work on any project. You’ll get immediate access to the most competitive rates from professional graphic designers around the world. The membership is free and there are no hidden fees or credit card requirements.

To create your first 99designs account, don’t hesitate to use my link.

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