20 Outstanding Posters to Inspire your Next Graphic Design on Canva

Have you hit a dead-end in your design journey? Have you been trying to create designs but have no inspiration? I know how you feel. It happened to most of us. With so many options on Canva, finding the right one for you can be very challenging.

To learn more about Canva, this article is for you. 

It is not new for people involved in creative design to run out of ideas. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or have been in the game for a long time. Everybody needs some help from time to time. And I’ve got you.

In this article, I’ve prepared 20 unique posters to inspire you and give you an idea for your next graphic design on Canva.

1. This Design was done by Morgan Allan Knutson

He designed this simple yet unique poster for Dropbox. The color mix feels just right, and how he was able to make this unique design with only a few elements is praiseworthy.

2. Another Morgan Allan Knutson Poster Design

I really like this one because it gives off a cool vibe. This poster just rings “simplicity.” Using one color in different shades, although subtle, still grabs attention.

3. Jongwon Won Poster Design

Look at this closely; feel the aura that comes with it. It definitely had a story to tell about water with this design. He tried to explain a mysterious property of water through the shape and graduation of a dewdrop.

4. It’s a gig poster by Doe Eyed

Doe Eyed

This poster is one I’ll not get tired of looking at. It explains how light passes through stained glass. It is truly fascinating.

5. This is a Travel Poster Designed by Alex Asfour

It has a very vintage look to it; you can just tell by how he put all the elements together. I totally love the color and how they blended well together.

6. A Space Odyssey by Matt Chase 

Just take me to outta space because this is lovely. The poster is based on Kubrick’s movie. It’s got a nice depth from the mix of many different colors. It also passes across the right message, which is one thing that is very important in any design. Anyone who sees this poster would already know what the movie is about.

7. A Poster Design by John Larigakis

This poster is also among the top on my list. I love how he incorporated the meaning of the text on the poster into the images used. A bottle stops the brain from thinking by hitting it — just the right image to grab attention.

The simple and dichromate look further hammers the power of the minimalist approach to design. Sometimes, it’s all about the idea, so it’s better to tell it in a simple way.

8. A Poster Design by Asya Demidova

It is passing across a simple message: the way you look says a lot about your lifestyle.

The poster shows different people with different hairstyles. From their hairstyles, you have a picture of each of their personalities. This poster by Asya shows us how a person’s haircut can reveal so much about them.

9. Poster Design by Josip Kelava Created for the Melbourne Dance Company 

I particularly love how unique the font arrangement is in this poster. You already know what the poster is telling you from the picture, just by looking at it.

10. Francis Ford Coppola Poster Design 

Francis Ford Coppola

You often get this urge to put a lot of elements into your design just to pass a message. But sometimes, less is more. The minimalist approach to design has a place in my heart.

It is also very unlikely for this design style to go out of style. Although, it evolves and goes through many changes with time.

What you’re to do here is simple — give the most information with as few elements as you can, and leave out everything that is unnecessary.

11. This one by Magdiel Lopez Looks fun and is very Attention-Grabbing

Magdiel Lopez

I’m sure that is the goal. It is important for your posters not to look boring. Like the poster above, adding some multicolored glitches over your image can be just what you need to spice things up sometimes.

It does require meticulous work to get it right, though. But that’s what makes it all the more fun and exciting. You should definitely try it.

12. Scorch Trials’ Poster Design

Scorch Trials

You can’t tell me you don’t love this poster. It is simple and does its job effectively. It has just the right feels to it. I’m always a fan of incorporating negative space into designs that need it.

The blank space helps to create a contrast and narrow the viewer’s attention to what matters — the message.

13. Janusz Jurek Poster Design

He did a good job here by using the 3D design as the background for this poster. The way he made the font’s color pop on the 3D design is also a plus. I have to say; it is very inspiring.

14. Belle Lee Poster Design

Don’t you just want to visit Venice after seeing this? did a nice job on this travel poster; the colors, the message, and the buildings seen on it. This poster is definitely on my top list.

15. Typography Poster by Ali Gray

Ali Gray 

If you’re a fan of bold colors, this poster will draw you in the most. Sometimes, you can decide to shift from neutral colors to bold, striking colors that grab attention.

It is important that you know your colors and how to mix them to avoid creating a messy design.

16. Radio Poster Design

Radio Poster

This poster takes me back to the 80s. In the art world, certain periods return to us from time to time. So, it’s not a bad idea if you decide to go back in time now. I’m sure it’ll be a very fun design for you if you try.

17. Paris Poster Design 

Paris poster

Another attention-grabbing style of design is deliberate asymmetry. Many graphic designers alter normal symmetry in designs by creating deliberately unbalanced designs.

Something as trivial as a break in normalcy in designs makes it fascinating, especially when combined with bold and vibrant colors.

18. Jeff Östberg Poster Design

This travel poster by Jeff Östberg is quite a sight. It is a contemporary style of design that speaks the right message. The use of retro colors and font also adds to its beauty and style.

19. Kittaya Treseangrat Poster Design

The font used in a poster can be used to pass across several messages. Like the fonts used in the event poster above by Kittaya Treseangrat that tell us exactly what the event is about — food.

20. Helmo Poster Design

This jazz poster by Helmo was designed to evoke emotions in the mind of the viewers. I love it! It’s a design that would get almost anyone hooked. He used a fragmented composition made of different facial expressions to show the feeling of being in the jazz event — a fascinating way to capture attention.


It’s very easy to find yourself in a designer’s block, but getting yourself out of it matters the most. It would help if you tried our ideas to get back into the groove.

There are many designs you can draw inspiration from. And I hope all the posters and designs you’ve just seen in this article have given you an idea or two for your next work.

Now, go create magic!

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Thanks for reading! 

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