19 Tricks to Get your First Order on Fiverr

Do you want to know how to get your first order on Fiverr? Well in this post, I’ll give you 19 tricks that will make it easier for you to get that first order.

Photo by Firmbee.com on Unsplash

These are the tricks I used in my marketing strategy when I was starting out and I hope they help!

1. Take high-quality photos of your work.

2. Use a catchy title when listing your gig or service.

3. Show people a preview of what they’ll receive before making a purchase decision.

If possible or appropriate for the type of service being offered (e.g. if you’re offering a t-shirt design, it’s best not to show people the front of the shirt).

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from past customers.

5. People appreciate it if you include a copy of your terms and conditions or license in the gig description (though this isn’t required by Fiverr policies), so have a link to them in your description.

6. Offer all new customers bonus content if they buy through you within 30 days of signing up with Fiverr (or after 30 days, whichever is first). E.g. if you are offering a podcast episode, include a link to it in the description.

7. Be personal, not impersonal. People want to buy from people they know and trust! Think about who you want to buy from and be sure to share that with your audience on Fiverr. You don’t have to share every detail of your life, of course, but make sure that you don’t come across as a cold, impersonal seller.

8. Be prepared for items to get deleted — it happens! If something gets deleted from the system (e.g. when someone buys your gig and then decides they don’t want your gig after all), let them know the reason why and offer them a solution to make up for the loss of revenue you’ll be losing from the deleted gig.

Tell them what you can do instead (e.g. if it’s a t-shirt design, maybe include a free t-shirt in their order).

9. Put effort into your communication with potential customers. If they have a question, answer it as soon as possible. Use a real photo of yourself without any filters or anything.

10. Don’t talk yourself up too much.

11. Don’t be scared to ask for feedback from previous customers, as long as you are honest about it with them.

12. Be willing to include bonuses in your order if you feel like it will make things easier for you and the customer.

13. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from customers, however small the order size is.

14. Be prepared for orders to be deleted. If something gets deactivated, let them know the reason why and offer them a solution to make up for the loss of revenue that you will be losing from it.

15. Don’t talk too much… if someone wants to buy your gig and then change their mind, try and be patient with them.

16. Post an image of yourself without any filters, or show an actual photo of yourself instead!

17. If you can’t answer a question for someone, offer an alternative — give it some thought first (e.g. “We may not have time to do this today”).

18. Don’t Edit your gig description too much. Your description is the first thing on their face when they see your gig, so make sure it is as professional as possible and make sure that there isn’t anything that you wouldn’t want to see on Fiverr.

19. Finally, don’t worry about competition. There’s always going to be competition, but that’s not a problem if you stick to the tips I’ve given here and do what you can to make yourself stand out from the crowd! Happy selling!

If you want to create your Fiverr account, don’t hesitate to use my link.